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Classification of Q345B seamless tube spheroidizing annealing

Release Date: 2019/05/08

What is Q345B seamless tube general spheroidizing annealing, isothermal spheroidizing annealing, rapid spheroidizing annealing, periodic spheroidizing annealing

There are many methods for spheroidizing annealing of Q345B seamless tube. The two most commonly used processes are ordinary spheroidizing annealing and isothermal spheroidizing annealing.

Normal spheroidizing annealing is to heat the steel to above Ac1 at 20-30 ° C, keep it for a proper time, and then slowly cool it with the furnace, and then cool it down to about 500 ° C and air-cooled. Isothermal spheroidizing annealing is the same as the ordinary spheroidizing annealing process. After the furnace is cooled to a temperature slightly lower than Ar1, the isothermal time is 1.5 times the heating and holding time. After isothermal cooling, the furnace is cooled down to about 500 ° C and air-cooled. Compared with ordinary spheroidizing annealing, the spheroidizing structure can be made uniform and the hardness after annealing can be strictly controlled.

Q345B seamless tube spheroidizing annealing is also called cyclic spheroidizing annealing. It is repeated heating and cooling at the temperature near the Ac1 point. Generally, it is repeated for 3 to 4 cycles to make the flake pearlite dissolve and precipitate several times. In the process, carbides are spheroidized. This process has a long production cycle, is inconvenient to operate, and difficult to control, and is suitable for steel with relatively severe flake pearlite.

Q345B seamless tube rapid spheroidizing annealing is based on the theoretical research results of spheroidizing annealing and heating process control technology, combined with the spheroidization test at the production site, to develop a corresponding rapid spheroidizing annealing process to improve the organization and machining performance, and shorten Spheroidizing heating time, it is reported that rapid spheroidizing annealing of T12 steel can save 2/3 time compared with the traditional annealing process. Rapid spheroidizing annealing is based on the spheroidizing requirements, material types, and equipment status to develop an ultra-optimized annealing scheme to achieve the purpose of increasing productivity. It does not have a certain process program and must be formulated according to actual conditions.

The company's main business: Q345B (16 manganese), Q345C, Q345D materials; concurrently: 12Cr1MoV, 15CrMo, 20 #, 45 # and other materials. Executive standards: (seamless steel pipes, welded steel pipes, grid pipe, precision seamless pipes, spiral steel pipes, square pipes, rectangular pipes, etc.) are all implemented.