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What is a structural tube? 2019/05/08

The national standard adopted for the structural tube is GB / T8162-1999. The structural tube is used to make various machine parts and structures. Including bicycle tubes, pipe piles, tubes for various structural parts and bearing tubes, the representative materials are carbon steel, No. 20, No. 45 steel; alloy steel Q345, 20Cr, 40Cr, 20CrMo, 30 ~ 35C ...

35 # steel pipe chemical elements and uses2019 / 05/08

Chemical composition of 35 # steel pipe: 35 # steel pipe: average carbon content is 0.32 ~ 0.40%, average silicon content is 0.17-0.37%, average manganese content is 0.50-0.80%, average sulfur content is ≤0.04%, average content Phosphorous content ≤0.25%, average chromium content ≤0.25%, average nickel content ≤0.25, containing ...

Welding process and requirements of high frequency straight seam steel pipe

The welding process of high-frequency welded straight seam steel pipe is performed under the condition of fast heating speed and high cooling speed. Rapid temperature changes cause certain welding stress, and the structure of the weld seam also changes. The structure is low-carbon martensite and a small area of free ferrite; the transition region is composed of ferrite and granular pearlite; and the parent structure is ferrite ...

Classification of Q345B seamless tube spheroidizing annealing

What is Q345B seamless tube general spheroidizing annealing, isothermal spheroidizing annealing, rapid spheroidizing annealing, periodic spheroidizing annealing Q345B seamless tube spheroidizing annealing process methods many, the two commonly used processes are ordinary spheroidizing annealing and isothermal Spheroidizing annealing. Normal spheroidizing annealing is to heat the steel to above 20 ~ 30 ℃ above Ac1, keep it for a proper time, and then ...

Q345B Reasons and Control of Wrinkling of Seamless Pipe2019 / 05/08

Q345B seamless tube wrinkling causes and controlling wrinkling in stamping production will cause scrapped parts, which not only increases manufacturing costs, but also causes raw material waste, which needs to be analyzed and controlled. The reasons are as follows: 1. The blank holding force of the Q345B seamless pipe is not enough, and the gap between the pressing surface is not suitable for the problem of "inside loose and outside tight". 2.The lubricant is too ...

National Standard Seamless Steel Pipe Specification Sheet

GB seamless steel pipe specification table diameter thickness pipe weight / meter diameter thickness pipe weight / meter

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